Best Indian Restaurant In Nyc Zagat (2024)

1. The 21 Best Indian Restaurants In NYC - Tasting Table

  • 24 mrt 2023 · If you're looking for an elevated NYC dining experience that explores the quintessential flavors of India, Tamarind in Tribeca is an obvious ...

  • New York City is home to several fabulous Indian restaurants. From fine dining to takeout, discover where to find the city's best Indian food.

2. 18 Stellar Indian Restaurants in NYC - Eater NY

  • 20 jul 2023 · Doaba Deli · 945 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025 · (212) 222-2636 ; Baazi · 2588 Broadway, New York, NY 10025 · (646) 861-3859 ; Jaz Indian Cuisine.

  • A citywide selection of outstanding Indian restaurants serving the subcontinent’s diverse cuisine

3. The Best Indian Restaurants In NYC - New York - The Infatuation

  • 9 feb 2024 · The Best Indian Restaurants In NYC · THE SPOTS · Semma · Masalawala & Sons · Download our app to find the best spots nearby · Punjabi Grocery & Deli.

  • Here are all the best places to go for the best biryanis, dosas, and garam-masala-covered crabs in the city.

4. The 18 best Indian restaurants in NYC right now - TimeOut

5. These Are the 8 Best Indian Restaurants in New York City

  • 2 mrt 2012 · These Are The 8 Best Indian Restaurants In New York City · #8 Dawat · #7 Junoon · #6 Dévi · #5 Chola · #4 Saravanaa Bhavan · #3 Dhaba · #2 Amma · #1 ...

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6. The 15 Best Indian Restaurants in NYC - New York - Thrillist

  • 18 okt 2022 · Aptly described as a culinary “South Indian Paradise,” the Ganesh Temple Canteen is in a league all its own. Located in the basem*nt of a Hindu ...

  • Feast on the dazzling diversity of India’s culinary reach for Diwali and beyond.

7. 2024 Best Indian Restaurants in New York Area - GAYOT

  • Best Indian Food in New York · 1/. Benares · 45 Murray St. New York, NY 10007. Indian. Benares. 14/20 · 2/. Bhatti Indian Grill · 100 Lexington Ave. New York, NY ...

  • Find the best indians in New York restaurants and bars with GAYOT's's top 10 list.

8. 5 Next-Level Spots For Indian Food In New York City - Forbes

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  • With Indian food being reestablished in the public conscience, a few of the newest and hottest restaurants are bringing the tastes of the subcontinent to your avenue.

9. Where to Get the Best Indian Food in NYC in 2024 - Cozymeal

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  • Finding the best Indian food NYC has to offer is easy when you know where the finest restaurants reside. This list of top spots will get you on your way.

10. Chola Coastal Indian Cuisine | New York, NY

  • Zagat. Time Out. The New York ... Join us as we explore the best of what India's coastal palate has to offer. ... "Restaurants; An Indian Restaurant Breaks the Mold ...

  • A wide-ranging Indian menu runs the gamut from lassis & samosas to spicy curry & vindaloo dishes.

11. AMMA

  • HOMESTYLE INDIAN FOOD IN THE HEART OF NYC. JUST ... zagat.png · foodandwine ... HOURS. 246 East 51st Street (between 2nd & 3rd Ave) New York, NY 10022

  • Donate a MealGift CardsOrder NowMenuReservationsLocation

12. The Best Indian Restaurants in New York City - Hotels Above Par

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  • New York City is a mecca for Indian food lovers. From modern twists on traditional dishes to nostalgic homestyle flavors, including aromatic biryanis, fluffy dosas, and fiery vindaloos. These 10 must-try Indian restaurants showcase the breadth of the subcontinent's culinary traditions, featuring everything from fine dining to street snacks and northern specialties to coastal seafood...

13. West Village Indian Eatery Named Among Best In New York City - Patch

  • 29 jul 2022 · The West Village eatery has received coverage and praise from the New York Times, Bon Appetit, and Zagat. It also has a co*cktail menu and wine ...

  • A Southern Indian restaurant on Greenwich Avenue is reportedly one of the best options in the five boroughs for the cuisine.

14. The best Indian and South Asian restaurants in Los Angeles - TimeOut

  • 13 nov 2023 · ... New York City import is already upsetting L.A.'s Indian restaurant status quo. Led by international chef Sujan Sarkar, who's also found ...

  • Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and even Sri Lankan—our list has it covered.

15. Which Indian restaurant in NYC? - Fodor's Travel Talk Forums

  • 26 jan 2006 · In Manhattan at the moment, Devi is probably considered to be the best Indian, along with Tamarind and Tabla. Chola on 58th Street is also very ...

  • United States - Which Indian restaurant in NYC? - Maybe someone could give me some insight on which indian restaurant we should visit on our upcoming NYC trip. It will be myself, my british husband, and his parents (visiting from Scotland). They are all used to great indian food in the UK, and we have a hard time...

Best Indian Restaurant In Nyc Zagat (2024)


Which Indian chef has a Michelin star in New York? ›

“These mansions are a part of our grandparents' era,” Vikas Khanna, the Indian chef who gained a cult following – and his Michelin star – at Junoon in the Flatiron District, told Side Dish.

Does NYC have good Indian food? ›

Bhatti Indian Grill

Give the chicken chettinad a go. This blend of chicken and fragrant spices is a welcome traditional specialty that represents the best South Indian food in NYC. Homestyle goat curry is also a favorite for bringing the quintessential flavors of India to the biggest city in the U.S.

Which is the only Michelin star Indian restaurant in the US? ›

Inside One MICHELIN Star Semma, a Taste of South India in Manhattan. From deer shanks to goat intestines, Chef Vijay Kumar's cuisine boldly celebrates dishes from his childhood in Southern India.

Does Junoon have a Michelin star? ›

Junoon is the recipient of a prestigious Michelin star the year it opened and has earned the same coveted award 8 years in a row.


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